How keywords are important to rank your business on google.!


“Use the proper keyword and you will get more traffic on your website”
“Keywords plays major role in SEO of your website”
You must have been heard these lines multiple times when you have begun the digital marketing of your business.
and it is true,
Keywords are direct connection between what people are searching for and content you are providing to fill that need. So, keywords are the first thing you should learn while writing the content of your website.

So, we Digitalization, one of the leading digital marketing company in Pune, and we have also started providing digital marketing services in Jalna have a question to ask.
Do you want to see your website on the 1st page of google while searched with proper keywords?
We know your answer!
It must be undoubtedly YES.
Unless you are Wikipedia, it will not be easy, but it is not impossible.
Seriously – We do it on regular basis.
Most people think that creating a website is enough for business but website without proper keyword analysis and strategies, is not going to help you to reach more and more people.

Ranking of keyword on google is not a one steps process; it is repeatable process.
You will not get the result instantly if you are a new website but eventually you will be able to see it when keywords will be ranked on regular basis.
If you take content marketing and SEO seriously for your website, we can start making things happen. It is of no good to just throw keywords on your page. Creating captivating content with appropriate keywords provides real value to real people.

Basically, keyword research should be ongoing process and ever-evolving part of our job as online marketer. keywords must be revaluated time by time and competition analysis of keywords must be done.

For example: digitalization pune, digitalization jalna, search these keywords on google and read about us, get to know about our services, and see the link of our website.

Developing a list of keywords considering the niche of your business sounds quite easy but we need to consider multiple factors while deciding the keywords.
The most important factor is keyword analysis and how widely it is being used on google. If you choose the keyword with high competition in initial days only then it will take too much time to rank the website. We should start with medium searched keywords and then the combination of highly used keywords and this medium used once. That is exactly we do, to make a most effective and efficient list of keywords customized as per your business.

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